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Landlord Guide to Letting Property

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  • If your property is may need written consent from the Freeholder or Management Company to let your property.

    If your mortgaged you will need written consent from your lender to let your propertry. for which they may charge a fee.

    It will be.....the responsibility of your Tenant to pay the appropriate council Tax.

    In most tenancy.......agreements it is standard for tenants to pay for utility services such as gas, electricity, water, telephone and the television license. We help you make the changes. Of course, when your property is empty you are responsible for the charges.

    Income tax payable on your rental income if you are a UK resident. We recommend you consult your accountant. Tax is charged on your profit after deduction of allowable expenses. We provide a useful guide as part of our Landlord Pack.

    A in good decorative order will help secure a tenant at the best rent. If you do need to decorate try and use neutral, light colours; which are more apealing and also tenants are more inclined to treat such properties with more respect. As Landlord you are required to keep the property repaired and in proper working order at your expense unless you can prove tenant misuse. If we are fully managing your property we take care of all this for you, keep you informed and obtain your approval when necessary.

    Unfurnished properties....make up most of the letting market. usually this means that carpeting or other flooring, curtains or blinds, and white goods such as a cooker and possibly fridge and washing machine are included. We recommend that you leave only minimum furnishings and that these are of reasonable quality. Personal ornaments and pictures etc should definately be removed. Items may be stored in a lockable cupboard or boxed in the loft, but cupboards and shelf space should be cleared for tenants use.

    Gas and electricity......are potentially killers and there are strict rules and responsibilities to ensure equipment is safe. There are also strict rules about smoke alarms and furniture coverings being anti-imflammable. We will provide you with the detailed requirements; and assist with introduction to a Corgi gas fitter and qualified electrician, if required.

    Gardens...should be left neat, tidy and rubbish free, with grass cut. Tenants are required to maintain the gardens to a reasonable standard, providing they have the correct tools. If you have a large garden of high standard you may prefer to organise a contract gardener.

    At commencement....of the tenancy the property must be in a thoroughly clean condition and at the end of the tenancy the tenant must leave the property in a similarly clean condition. When they fail to do so cleaning will be arranged at the tenants' expense.

    Legally....landlords can no longer retain the security deposit and we pass deposits to the Deposit Security Service on behalf of landlords. Full details of how the scheme works is in our Landlord Guide to Letting.

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